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screen feedback???

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  • screen feedback???

    So i have a lilliput eby701 and i used the car adapter and chopped off the cigarrette lighter end and hard wired it to the car.. I tried the house plugin and there was no feedback. so it is coming from the power adapter.. I used the 12v line from the opus psu and still had feedback.. I'm guessing it is my ground.. The thing is, I am using the ground that is inside my dash that is the same ground for about 9 different things... Any ideas on what to do for this issue?

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    Ground the screen separately from the other 8 things.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      i'll try tapping into the cigarette lighter tomorrow


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        so i tapped it into the cigarette lighter and it is still having feedback.. is there some sort of another adapter i could use to prevent the feedback?


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          sometimes having too many devices at the same ground point can also cause issues. do you know that your cig lighter is grounded to a different location?
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            no but when i plugged it in through the cigarette plugin, it didnt have noise.. it started when i cut the end off and hard wired it.


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              you shouldn't cut the adapter off you should open the adapter and solder wires to where the 12v in and ground attach to the circiut board inside the adapter. it is a regulator and filter. usually anyways just my 2 cents worth SNO