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  • Help me design a system!

    Hey guys,

    I am new to the forum and new to the idea of building / using a carputer. To date, I run a datalogging and engine management program called DSMLink, however I use this via laptop. I am getting rather annoyed at having to carry my laptop with me to tune the car, and plus the battery life kills extended tuning sessions. I have wired in a power inverter, but I would like to clean this up and build a perminantly mounted in car computer to both double as a media server (remove the head unit), and a datalogging and tuning computer.

    Originally I was looking at the "ULTIMATE Micro Intel Vehicle & Home Media Computer" however, I am unsure if this is good enough, or complete overkill. I am not completely computer savy but always willing to learn. Just need to know what other components I would need (other than a screen) to utilize this system, or any other suggestions would be great!

    Space is also an issue in the car, so the more compact without completely killing off performance is important to me.

    Thanks in advance,


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    i am really torn on the 'best' way to do things like this.

    1. i believe the only reason not to build your own pc is if you are really good at the software portion of it, but are horrible with hardware. honestly, i think the software side can be about 5x's more complex, so even that is not a very good reason..

    i understand being new to the building computers-- i only started about 3 years ago, but most of it is pretty easy, and when you build your own stuff, it make it much easier to trouble shoot because you know where everything is, and while building, you can learn what every part does..

    if you were to buy a prebuilt unit and something goes wrong, would you send it back for service every time?

    2. because you specifically want to use the pc for datalogging and tuning, i would recommend looking up the specs for the programs that you use, and use that as a baseline for your requirements.

    that package you were originally looking at uses a atom processor-- to some, it is sluggish, and doesn't handle multitasking very well. this could be a minus when dealing with real time data like with datalogging(i don't use my carpc for this so no idea on the actual usage)
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