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Putting together a list of Carputer parts. Written what I'd like, suggestions welcome

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  • Putting together a list of Carputer parts. Written what I'd like, suggestions welcome


    I have been looking around for a while and am getting a second hand '09 X-trail this week. It currently has a stock HU and I am thinking about putting in a carputer. I have started to compile a list of components I would like but I am still trawling through many pages finding info etc. I thought I would post the list and see what people think. I may be a little ambitious with the components against the PSU I have picked at the moment and so may have to tone it back. Not to mention heat.

    I'll start by telling you what I would like and then give you the list.

    IDEAL setup - Multi-zone, multi-task entertainment.
    I'd like to be able to play music, make calls, control iPod (if necessary) in the front while I have a roof mounted screen playing a movie or TV for the back. I'd like to be able to have the rear speakers operate in stereo for the back when in multi-zone mode and surround if in single-zone using the roof mounted screen. Be able to play DAB+, Bluray, Navigation, WIFI, bluetooth, other movie and music formats (which is a given being a computer), touchscreen and probably a host of other things I can't even think of right this moment.

    I plan to start simple.

    I theorise that getting the computer and front touch screen hooked up with the GPS, BT + Wifi, DAB+ and DVB will be the first step and will give me sufficient experience to hopefully know where to go from there. I presume that multi-zone is not extremely difficult but I don't know much about it yet and can forget about it for the time being. I assume that it is important to get the right hardware to start with so that expansion is possible in the (near) future.

    On to the list :


    Motherboard Gigabyte H67N-USB3
    CPU Intel i7-2600k
    RAM 2 x 4GB Ripjaws
    HDD 120GB Vertex3 ssd
    monitor sunlight readable mp3car liliput
    bluray reader/burner some slot load bluray
    radio and TV Dabby - DVB DAB+
    GPS BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver
    PSU M4-ATX 250W
    WIFI + BT Intel centrino advanced N 6230
    miniPCIe - PCIe several models around also includes antenna
    frontend centrafuse nav?
    OS Windows 7

    I am aware that I will need an amp or amps to boost the sound output. I have seen an optical input on an amp but I need to do more research.

    Does a stock car antenna get decent TV signal?

    Thats what I have at the moment. I am aware that the i7 draw more power and are hotter but I thought that I may need the processing power. I could cut back to an i5, i3 or less if your suggestions and RL experiences suggest it can work with less.
    Looking forward to your suggestions.


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    for planning a multizone setup, hijack is going to be the best person to help, and he hasn't been on as often lately-- try checking his multiple build logs(i think he is on log #3--mostly mistakes he made along the way of making the ultimate mz setup )

    the i7, is way overkill. i believe he is using a pentium/core 2 duo for the 2-zone system, and a core2quad for the 6-zone system..

    the m4 also won't power that. you are pretty much limited to what the dc-dc psu can power. and with that high of power requirements, even the opus 360 isn't enough.

    the 4gb of ram is normally more then needed for a single-zone setup, but i believe that is required for mz. just keep in mind taht you need to use a 64bit os to use 4gb. 32bit os's can only address 3gb of memory(technically, it is something like 3.25).
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      I will look at hijack's posts, thanks.

      I just found this site and at 85%TDP It suggests 232W without the liliput. The Liliput before transreflective is <8W and if it is double that I'd just scrape in. This suggests that if I went to the Opus 360 I'd have more then enough which would also allow for more USBs. I also suspect that I wouldn't be using 85% or more for this build.

      Do you know what the transreflective liliput's power consumption is? I have searched the net but only found the stock and that was at <8W.


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        Ok, I have just received my 09 Xtrail. Looks like it has a triple din space like in this photo Except I'm in Australia and the controls are on the other side. As you can see, to me, it looks like a double din space for the stock stereo and then a single din storage box thing.

        I noticed that Opus are bringing out a larger PSU. I may get that. I also think I need a larger mobo to accommodate more devices, such as PCIe or PCI. This is due to the fact that I need a seperate sound card to do dual zone (or so it seems). If I stayed with this mother board I think I can use the twin HDMI ports at the same time to display. Not sure if they have sound going over. I may be able to get away with out another sound card. I guess I'll look into it.

        Anyone got links to USB sound cards. I don't recall seeing Hijack mention what he bought for his setup besides being USB sound cards. I found a couple on eBay. I also found one on here that is a WIP Digital sound card and amp all in one which would be awsome if it was complete and ready for sale.


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          for the transflective power consumption, they only add a couple of films/layers to teh screen-- the power consumption should be the same as a standard screen of the same model.

          this is a finicky game. with hdmi, you can get the audio to the screen, to date there are not any devices that can grab the audio out of the hdmi cable, so that is as far as the hdmi audio can go.. you are better off planning to use the hdmi only for video then to attempt to use it for both video/audio.

          soundcards: it might be easier to PM hijack-- i remember him posting some info on the 6 usb cards he's using, but he has 3 build logs, containing over about 300 posts each....

          as for add-ons, i am not a big fan of installing pci/pci-e devices in-car due to the vibration issue-- i have enough problems getting devices like that to work on a loose test bench..
          My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
          "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

          next project? subaru brz
          carpc undecided


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            Well, life happened and so I won't be following this up for a while Hopefully in a couple of months there will be more opportunity for this type of install again. Suggestions are still welcome.
            I might just put in a cheaper HU for the time being.


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              I ended up buying an Orion AVR 6.1. It has most of the features I want. It would be cool if I could hack it and get XM and/or other things going on it. What I would love to get is SUNA traffic updates for us Adelaide, Aussies. Unforunately they don't offer it as a stand alone program or device.
              I am looking at installing this Saturday. I will try to take pics and do a build log. Maybe not too interesting for most but it will definately be worth while for me. Besides I haven't seen a newer model Xtrail getting a mod so this will help others with newer models.
              I do need to get a Service Manual for a Nissan Xtrail 09. I will check out the local auto shops (supacheap, etc) and if anyone knows, where can I just drop in and grab one. I am trying to stay away from the Ebay electronic versions.


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                Well, the swap out is done. I currently have no radio or anything, except bluetooth and Ipod connectivity. I could probably get away with just that to be honest. However, I want to get it all done. So either tomorrow, if I can justify doing it on the Sabbath, or sometime next week I will install the read iPod/USB, GPS and I also bought a reverse sensor and reverse camera kit from Steel mate.
                I drove over to Ministry of Bass on South Rd and they had an ISO -> Nissan converter by Aerpro(?). The cables were in the wrong order so I had to snip the ISO heads and then wire up the correct order. Originally I thought that the colours would line up properly but they didn't. Thankfully my wife made the suggestion that it was written on the wires which speaker was which! It is written on there and I was then able to move forward without hassle. Then there is an illumination wire and again my wife gave me some help that the old HU lit up. After a little bit of probing I found the Nissan connector (the one in the car not the one I bought) has an extra wire that is the illumination wire! The problem is that the harness I bought doesn't have a spot for it. I ended up twisting the wires, coating in solder and then trimming it slightly to fit in the socket. I tested and it worked! I then araldite'd (2part epoxy) it, shoved it in and then wacked some hot glue on it to hold it in place. Works a treat. I also found that this model doesn't have a stock antenna plug... I'll either need an adapter or I'll have to buy the connector and cut off the Nissan one.

                Stay tuned for a build log and pics to come soon. I'm hoping within the week.


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                  Ok so the Orion seems a bit of a dud. I couldn't use iPod connectivity so I went back to the retailer and replaced it with another. This one worked 1 in about 6-10. The iPod implamentation seems dodgy. I also found that if I wanted to use the front USB for iPod then you have to buy Orion's iPod cable an original iPod cable from Apple will not work! What a pain. I took it back as having the iPod working every one in 6 or so tries is not good. I just got my money back, which I may put into a revised carputer install.

                  E35M1-I DELUXE
                  2 x 4GB DDR3 DIMM
                  64GB SSD
                  High Brightness double din liliput 7”
                  some slot load bluray
                  Dabby - DVB DAB+
                  BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver

                  I will look into this more as the days go on. Let me know what you all think. This shoudl be able to do blueray movies, so I am told.