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Question about video out converting

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  • Question about video out converting

    I have a tablet that I'm thinking of installing in my new nissan juke. The tablet has HDMI output but my monitors only have rca input. I've searched for an easy solution (cable converter) and haven't found anything. Do any of you have a suggestion other than get new monitors or another tablet?

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    Okay, After an afternoon of research I've come to the conclusion that it can't be done unless you have a signal converter. I've searched everywhere and can't find an automotive hdmi converter. Does anyone know of where I might be able to find a converter? It can convert to s-video or rca composite. I've found plenty of wall plug in types of converters, but none that I can wire in to my Nissan Juke. Any help would be appreciated.


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      not really.. i don't remember running across any converters that would do what your asking..

      it 'should' be possible, but apparently, isn't a very high demand, so the china-men haven't thought about it..
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        carpcguy, try this----->

        Or on the cheap, maybe this----->

        Good Luck.