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Nissan A32 install ideas

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  • Nissan A32 install ideas

    Hi everyone just new here and have got the idea of a car pc after buying a windows CE6.0 based system that was ..... well quite useless for my needs - no youtube, no streaming audio as was advertised etc etc

    What I am looking at doing is trying to build is either all in one unit ( prefered ) or split units

    My main priority is double din fold out motorized screen so I can put in a slot loading DVD rw drive ( maybe blu ray ) as well as 4 channel amp 4X50w or higher

    As for the PC undecided on Intel atom dual core with NVidea ION or Mac Mini, ideally this would be also mounted into the double din enclosure

    My main issue at the moment is to find a double din case with a screen on its own maybe some one here knows of a good one and they must be around if you can buy a complete system with one

    As for screen resolution 1024 x 600 I believe are now available but unsure on cost maybe to much for now and would need to be sunlight readable.

    As for apps I would like FM ( world wide 65 - 108 Mhz ), DVB-t MPEG4/h.264 for freeview in NZ, GPS, Bluetooth to connect phone, VOIP softphone, DVD ( blu ray ),

    Many more ideas will come as time goes by