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Setting viper 5701 to manual mode

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  • Setting viper 5701 to manual mode

    Greetings folks,

    I thought I'd be a good boyfriend and get my girlfriend a remote starter for her 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX. So I bought a Viper 5701 online and had a friend of my brother do the install.

    She brought the car in for servicing (completely unrelated) shortly after, and she gets a call telling her that her car automatically drove forward and hit two other vehicles. We found out then that her starter would start while it was in gear.

    The odd thing is that it does recognize that the parking brake is engaged (it won't actually start with it disengaged), and the clutch override is installed properly (otherwise the remote starter wouldn't turn over at all), but for some reason it just starts as long as the parking brake is on.

    This and the fact that I can't properly go through the Manual Transmission Start sequence (when I get out of the car, the engine just runs and runs and never turns off and arms the security system) makes me think that the installer couldn't get the MTS to engage properly, so he just put the starter in "Automatic" mode and thought we wouldn’t notice. I could be wrong, but I wanted to see if I could put it back into "Manual Transmission" mode, or if it was in that mode already.

    Problem is, I've been searching all day, read every manual on the 5701 and couldn't find any actual instructions on how to switch the modes. There are hundreds of references to these two modes, but nobody actually posted how to do it. One fellow made a pretty good reference (on this site's forum actually), but it referred to a "Valet Switch" and this system doesn't have that. I just have the remote key fob, and an on/off toggle switch under the dash for the remote starter.

    I was just wondering if anyone happens to know how to switch the starter modes with the remote key module, or has a link to a manual with instructions on how to, I would really appreciate it. We've been stuck with this issue for a few months, and nobody in town will even look at a Viper system that was installed by someone else. Of course, the fellow who originally installed it won't return my calls or e-mails after he found out that the vehicle damaged two other cars.

    I'm regretting this "gift", but I would really appreciate some help on at least making sure that she can start her car in the cold without the risk of running anyone over.


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    This is a pdf of the installation guide

    Page 38 tells you how to get into system learn(to change features), page 43 has the various ffeatures.
    If it wont aallow you to get into the learn mode, it might be locked. You'll need a bitwriter to fix that. No other way around iit


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      Well, I finally found the instruction on how to set it for a manual transmision, so I was able to go through the process:

      Step 1: Open car door.
      Step 2: Cycle ignition key ON then OFF. Do the next step within 10 seconds.
      Step 3: Press and hold valet switch until LED flashes 3 times (siren chirps 3 times), then release.
      Step 4: Press and release valet switch once then press and hold. Siren chirps once.
      Step 5: While still holding the valet switch, press LOCK button of transmitter. Siren chirps once.
      Step 6: Release valet switch. Cycle ignition key ON then OFF.

      but when I got to step 5 when it says to hit the lock button, it chirps twice, not once (the instructions say it will chirp once). So I thought it still might have worked and I tried to go through the steps of arming the system for remote start for a manual transmission (MTS):

      1. Put the transmission in neutral.
      2. Press on the vehicle’s foot brake.
      3. Apply the emergency brake.
      4. Release the vehicle’s foot brake.
      Note: Pressing the brake again after this step will disable the
      remote start feature.
      5. Within 15 seconds activate the remote start from the remote.
      6. The parking lights will flash confirming that the remote start is
      7. Turn off the ignition (the car should stay running when key is
      turned off).
      8. Exit the vehicle.
      9. Arm the alarm (the vehicle should shut off when arming the

      The parking lights never flashed for me (confirming that the remote start is active) and when I got out of the vehicle and armed the alarm (step 9) the vehicle just kept running. Of course, as usual, the vehicle will still start whenever the ignition button on the remote is pressed.

      If anyone has any suggestions as to what might be going on, I would appreciate anything.