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  • New scooby doo need help

    Hey guys I've been. Here a while now trolling bug never posting I've always been fascinated bu the idea of a carputer but never had a car I deemed worthy of starting one. I recently purchased my dream car a blue 2005 wrx STi. So with al the valuable information I seen here im still having trouble piecing together the steps for a carputee. So im asking if someone can help me with this. I want a carputer that does not. Require crazy modification. I really want a a monitor where my stock double din dash is and I really like the idea of a front end thing. I've seen one that says STi and has music gauges navigator. Im looking for navigation obdii music. Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as what to buy and what I need. Budget isn't really an.issue as long as its not thousands I think $3,000 is my max. If spelling is off im typing on my android.

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    it would be best to start checking the faq section. there are a million different ways to do a carpc, so there really isn't any one specific direction that can be recommended.
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      Good luck man. Where are you located? I might be able to help you get started. PM me.


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        Im 45 minutes north of NYC, PM'D


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          I saw that, Replied back to you already.