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Advaced Flash! How do I run and exe or RideRunner command from flash?

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  • Advaced Flash! How do I run and exe or RideRunner command from flash?

    I have a folder with a flash file in it plus another totally independent exe. How do I create a script that will run the exe file when I release a button inside the flash movie, or better on the end of the flash movie. I don't care if it pops up in a totally diffrent window. I just need it to run so they can run some script directly from flash. Or maybe it will be better to executed some RideRunner command. I have flash ***.swf, ***.fla and ***.psd files.

    I also find some code but i dont know how to add it.

    fscommand("exec", "c:\yourdir\yourapp.exe");

    Please for any help if there is someone to rebuild attached flash file.

    Thanks Ales

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      you would add that code you posted to any flash object and it will run the command upon clicking and releasing that object Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        I would like to add code to these flash object:
        On the end of movie i would like to add button to click on the "unlocked" and run ***.exe

        So I have a simple request for any willing flash programers.

        Iv attached the .swf and the de-compiled .fla files so if anybody is willing to help me out with this It would be greatly appreciated. Im sure it wont take somebody who knows what they are doing long.

        Original files are at the firs post.

        Thanks Aleš