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  • Need help before i go crazy

    So guys,
    I bought a pioneer AVH 3300bt for my car and I have looked but cant find a way to hook a computer into it and use it as the monitor. Is there any way to do this. I bought a netbook for a temp fix but would like to hook a computer up but dont want to replace the player. Someone please help.

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    So many details left out....

    I'm going to assume that you want to use the PC's 15-pin VGA output to get video to the headunit and the netbook has a composite video out (the yellow RCA plug) that you can connect and get video.
    If my assumption is correct, then you need a device that will convert VGA signal to composite video, such as this:

    Click the image for product information.

    Don't get one of those cables that are cheaper and easier to squeeze into an install. They only work with certain video cards, ATI, I believe and likely won't work w/ your hardware.

    Be aware that the PC's video is much higher resolution than your SD TV, so the image will not be as crisp as is would on a higher-res monitor designed for PC use.
    You also won't get any touchscreen control of the PC.

    By the way, all this information is in the FAQs. Admittedly, it's buried amongst a load of useless crap and isn't very organized, but it is there.
    I suggest going to the FAQ section and doing some reading. It will help you with your project in ways you probably never thought of.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Well i just looked at wiring diagram and it looks to me your only option is to use the VIDEO-IN(rca) run the RCA lead to a VGA-RCA converter from your pc. By doing this you will not be able to use the touchsreen as a mouse for the pc. You would also need to dramatically change the screen resolution and colour settings on the pc to suit the head units low max res.(800x600). there may be another way you can connect it to the pc that may help with touchscreen functionality, via the rear USB port on back of head unit which is meant for the I-POD connectivity. Try run usb cable back from unit to pc and see what response you get(does the pc reckonise the head unit?).There is probably a much easier/better way to do it and someone else on here will have a better solution to this. Best of luck.
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        if your here, your already crazy, your just in denial.

        ^ the usb cable method will not work, the HU and pc are both 'hosts.' kinda like having a baseball team with 15 pitchers, but no batters...

        also of note-- while the pioneers actual display is probably around 800x600, there is no way to use that resolution.

        the composite video standard only allows for 480 vertical lines of resolution which means there will not be a easy way to get any crisp clear image.
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