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  • Carpc hardware setup

    Looking at putting a mini ITX in my 2006 mustang.
    specifically the GIGABYTE GA-D525TUD
    2-4 gb of ram.
    I havnt decided between a laptop HD or a SSD, the laptop is cheaper but not sure how well it hold up against normal driving vibrations.
    External USB dvd drive in the glovebox/under seat
    2 USB hubs, one in the center console and 1 near the trunk for future additions(gps, maybe radio reciever, reverse cam)
    Monitor is a Lilliput (FA801-TV/C/T) that was previously hooked up to the 12v line on a PSU

    Not sure what power units I need for this setup and for those usb hubs.
    Help a newbie out please

    Edit: woops. Can this get moved to proposed setups. Thought I clicked that but was half asleep
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    those usb hubs are really going to be the biggest drain. i had to pull mine out because it was pulling too much power from my dsatx and not allowing it to boot...

    so if you can, try to avoid using generic usb hubs, or try to use ones like the carnetix one-- that doesn't rely on regulated power and put strain on the computers psu(no, they are not cheap--hence the reason i don't have one either--i just slimmed my setup down to required items only).

    otherwise, that board should be able to be powered by about any power supply but the pico-psu series(no 12v regulation or startup/shutdown controller). just try to use a psu power calculator to determine your approximate draw, and go from there.

    overall, i have not seen any specific proof that any platter-based hdd is any better then any other version-- there was even a member that had a 3.5" drive survive multiple car-totaling wrecks... of course ssd is better-- both from a vibration-resistance standpoint, and in terms of read/write speeds, but 'worth the extra cost' is something that you need to answer for yourself.

    personally, i ran 2.5" drives until i could afford differently..
    My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
    "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

    next project? subaru brz
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      hmm, that carnetix hub is expensive.....
      I think ill leave the usb hubs out for a while until i know i need one
      Thinking ill use the OPUS 120W
      Can anyone list the connections the opus 120 gives?


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        check the pics in the store product--i think it shows all the connections there.
        My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
        "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

        next project? subaru brz
        carpc undecided


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          ahh ok, didnt click larger image to see they had more then 1.
          maybe a preview on front page would be useful for us who dont think of that


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            Ok so the plan is cutout the USB hubs, but run a few cables to center console through the rear-panel connectors that plug-in to the mb and extend them a few feet with cat5 cable.
            Looking at using 1 SSD for the OS and Frontend, a laptop HD for the media and other entertainment features.

            Looks like the Opus-120 <hoping the store stocks back up on it soon> has 2-4pin molex connectors so I will need to split one of them to power the hd's and one converted to P4 for the CPU plugin <if im wrong on number/types of connections on the Opus-120 please correct me>