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DVD Player to CarPC - Please Help.

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  • DVD Player to CarPC - Please Help.

    Hi everyone,

    Okay first I just want to point out that I am not a complete noob! This is somewhat my second time round installing a carPC or at least try.

    My first setup was a:

    • Compaq Presario CQ2100AN Desktop PC. (running windows 7)
    • 2 x 7" TFT-LCD Touch screen headrest monitors.
    • and all this was powered with a 1200w inverter.
    • and a $hit load of cables VGA, power cables, etc.

    Here is an image.

    Okay so this is what I want to accomplish on my recent car Holden Calais VT II Y99 (Ok please don't complain its a $hit-box). It already has a DVD in the boot and 5.6" roof flip-out screen. I would like to integrate my previous carpc with this screen. So let me clarify I want to hook up the Compaq Presario CQ2100AN Desktop PC to the 5.6" flip-out screen that is currently installed but I don't want to use the inverter so the question is can I power the Compaq PC which takes 18.5V and 3.5A power input from the DVD which takes DC IN(12V 3A). That way I can get rid of the DVD and use the PC instead, that way I can use it for so many other purposes (wardriving lol jks) and as well as watching DVD's

    And as you can see from the images the dvd player is connected with AV cables (yellow, white and red cables) to the screen, and obviously the PC takes VGA so how am I going to get pc to show on the flip-out screen? I am not worried about Audio as much worst case scenario I'll use a FM transmitter but I am open to any suggestion Thanks in advance guys!!!
    This is the best site for carPC

    One more thing the car has a old motorola car kit installed(image below) you know the one with the a mic and antenna next to the sun shade visor and you can make calls and hear through car speakers. Is there anyway to mod this and make it work with iPhone 4. if not do you know of any kits that are compatible with my car and has the capabilities to :
    • charge the iPhone
    • be able to control iPod with car stereo buttons or steering wheel buttons
    • make calls through car speakers

    Kind of like this one does all the above, but apparently not compatible with my car stereo.

    image of Motorola car kit

    images of DVD Player

    images of flip-out screen

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    Anyone ?


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      I think you would need a 12v-19v+ dc-dc(rated about 3.0A) inverter to run laptop. There are plenty of VGA-RCA converters out there(about $20). The end result depends on the Flip-out screens max resolution? Does it have S-video plug on the screen as well as one on the laptop?
      Also, try not to use an FM Transmitter for Audio as they a more prone to signal noise from the vehicle and other sources and will sound crap. If it is your only solution (given that your using oem headunit that doesnt have aux/mp3 input) then maybe connect an audio noise filter from pc to fm transmitter.
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