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Way to hack aftermarker Multimedia System OS

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  • Way to hack aftermarker Multimedia System OS

    Hi all i am happy to join the forum

    I own an Opel Astra GTC (Vauxhall - Saturn) and i have decided before 2 years to change the factory multimedia system (CD40 Opera) with the aftermarket VXMMI 2 .

    I didn't gave the link as an advertisement as i am not happy at all with the device.
    However is there any way to "hack" the built in OS? It has the Chinese Windows CE accessible by the sd card (if you change the software in order to access it) and the Galaxy OS. You can find the specifications also in this link.

    I hope you can understand my questions and that it is not silly enough for someone to answer.
    Sorry for my English i am from Greece



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    your english is better then most americans!

    i have seen little notes here and there about people attempting to hack units like this. overall, it is really not worth the time. the parts that they use to build the units are too slow to work with any normal computer programs, so even if oyu do manage to access everything, you won't be able to do much except maybe play solitaire..
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      First off all thank you for the compliment

      I don't want to do something special, but for example this device has an i-pod interface that sucks.
      If i could run the windows or maybe change the OS and try some other drivers and install another ipod interface i could use at least the device better than now.
      I am talking about changes like this one.

      Ah also, if you saw the specs , may i use this device as an external monitor for a car pc?

      Thank you for your time