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A question about fabrication and painting

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  • A question about fabrication and painting

    I am going to be doing some work to my Caravan - which hopefully will have the computer in it this spring. I want to paint a few internal plastic pieces and wanted your advise on which paint to use.

    A while ago I painted the interior of a 1995 Oldmobile - I sanded everything - Used an Etching Primer then a sandable primer and many coats of paint. Just a walmart paint

    Then a few years later I did a 2001 Chevy tracker. That one I just cleaned the dash up and painted with the same walmart brand paint but no primer - The cluster guards and such I wanted with a Rustoleum - Just a light sanding on those and straight paint - only problem I had was it took FOREVER to dry - its so thick

    My question is this - What do you recommend? I found all seemed to work decently but i have had people say I have taken un needed steps

    Maybe just a plastic paint? Maybe a vynl paint? Whats your idea?