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Audi A3 Car PC using RNS-E as the screen

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  • Audi A3 Car PC using RNS-E as the screen

    Well its modding time with my recently purchased RNS-E (not 2010) and I plan to do what this guy has done here

    However I have one of these xtreamer ultra which quite honestly is crap for a HTPC but perfect for a car pc with 128gb SSD

    Intel® Atom™ D525 processor (1.8 GHz, dual-core)
    Intel® NM10 Express chipset
    Next-Generation NVIDIA® ION™ graphics processor
    ALC892 HD Audio platform
    512MB DDR3 video memory
    4GB DDR3 RAM memory
    You can see where I'm going with this? the unit has HDMI and DVI whats the best way to inject the video into the RNS-E? and any idea what touch screen converter to use?

    I'm planning to use Windows 7 Media Center as the interface.

    Also I would like to put it into S3 standby while the car is off im not sure what sort of PSU i will need some mention using carnix but they are old threads not sure if there is anything new out there...

    this is the motherboard

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    Planning to do the same soon.. Please provide us/me info of the panel etc.

    Some links:
    Installation of RNS-E Touch Panel
    M350 Enclosure WITH PICOPSU-80 and 60W ADAPTER KIT


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      i am planning to install the Xtreamer Ultra on my car too,but i need to be sure about several aspects of the product before running to the nearest store to buy it
      first of all my LCD screen have VGA input and USB output for the touch screen, the Xtreamer will recognize the touchscrren driver and the VGA connection?
      anouther aspect is the sound connection as i know the Xtreamer has 1 aux audio output , did you use 4 channel connection to the amp or to a HU?
      and how is the sound quilty of the xtreamer in the car?
      i hope you could help me cuz the xtreamer support team coude not give me the right answer ^^


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        interested in for upgrade my prototype AUDI CARPC SYMPHONY II motherboard.
        1) Could you provide the exact model of the HTPC motherboard and the price you bought it?
        2) Have you tried to play 1080p videos with it?
        3) dimensions of the main board (in cm)
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          Hi Mate,

          You need to read this forum here to understand the background of that project:

          One issue you have yet to realise is that your board type is wrong. The RNS-E accepts RGB+C Sync as a video input and the video mode needs to be set to a custom resolution, only possible with Intel 945 chipsets.

          I managed to succeed with my take on the project, which is different and doesn't use a touchscreen. My approach was to use CANBus adapters to read button presses and software in Windows and send these as keystrokes to Media Center. Check my results out here:

          Im hoping to put together a hardware kit soon though, so have a read on all of the information about the project before making a decision which way you want to go.