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    hello my name is seth and i am new to this forum , i have been doing research on this whole carpc thing and i would love to do it now i am planning on using an old desktop pc and a usb lilliput touchscreen monitor all powered by an inverter but the problem i run into is the whole thing with the startup and shutdown controller i have looked at the faqs but cant just find one solid setup is there anyone that can lead me in the right direction , like a step by step on how to set it up do i need a program also? i just want the thing to shutdown not hibernate what is the easiest and cheapest way to do this. i dont mind having to manually start the pc when i get in , its just i dont want to have to wait for it to shutdown when i turn my car off or have to worry about shutting my inverter off. all help would be greatly appreciated

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    It is generally recommended to hibernate because it saves time and is many time quicker than shutting down. However it you are just planning on hittin gthe switchon the inverter, you will most likely run into problems down the road, along with extra long boot times because the computer will want to check why it did not shut down properly. However if you go with the DC-DC PSU then it will not be a problem to wait because it will take care of it all for you.

    If at all in your budget it would be alot easier to buy either a DC-DC power supply with built in controller, or to buy a stand alone controller.

    This is the PSU page, most people like either the M2-ATX or the M4, but there are many other options. Just remember this would remove the need for a inverter and the many problems that arrive with them, but it would require power wires rather than just a lighter plug.

    The other option here. it will be worth the time to just go with the smart PSU, but I want to make sure you know your options
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      i cold boot my pc i swear the hibernate process adds a echo to my audio processing, so i gave it up quickly..
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        if i use the m4 is it plug and play or do i need some sort of software to have it start up and shutdown?


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          no software needed, just go into your power management settings and adjust them as needed. You can plug the M4 into the USB and adjust THUMP and shutdown timing, for this you will need the software.
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            Yes, use one of the automotive power supplies. A little up front cost for one will save your major headaches with startups/shutdowns/hibernates etc.
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