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  • First Car PC Build

    Hi Chaps, just thought I would introduce myself and divulge a little detail about my planned Car PC build in my A3 S-line Sportback

    Well as the title would indicate this will be my very first attempt at fitting a PC into a car! Iím really not entirely sure why it has taken me this long.
    I think the only real reservations I had at the time was with regards to a PC actually being able to provide a feasible High quality source, also I was a little uneasy about a PC being able to integrate well in my car.
    Thanks to decent front ends and some pretty trick DAC's Ive now decided its time to jump in the deep end and get involved.

    Although Iím new to Car PCs Iíve actually been messing about with car audio for many years.

    So far my system is for music, I enjoy my current system and Iím really pleased with its audio playback but I want it to be more media capable
    My system to date consist of:

    Nakamichi CD500 HU
    Dynaudio Esotec System 242 comps up front
    Dynaudio System 240 MKII comps in the rear
    Single Morel Ultimo SC10 10" sub
    2 x Focal FP2.150 2ch amp
    1 x Focal FP1.800 monobloc

    I want to retain my current system hardware dropping the HU only to replace with a PC

    Iím planning on using Centrafuse 4 as a front end and Winamp for FLAC playback.

    I intend to use the below parts for the Car PC set-up........
    Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T/HB HDMI Touch screen
    3DConnexion SpaceNavigator for Notebooks
    Musical Fidelity V-DAC II
    HRT Music Streamer II USB DAC
    Alpine H800 processor
    Decent Array Noise cancelling Microphone
    Globalsat USB GPS Receiver
    Intelligent Car PSU
    AMD E-350 ITX MB, SSD Drive

    So far I have the Lilliput screen and all the required Double din parts to shoe horn it in the A3 dash.

    As I progress with the build I will post updates for those that are interested


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    Welcome to the carpc world. if your wanting to keep everyone up too date with your build I would recommend you start a thread in the show off your project section.
    This is where most people post their worklogs/builds.
    My CarPC Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR


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      Thanks for the welcome
      I will make sure I do that.