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    So I'm modifying the buttons on the radio face plate I'm putting into my dash as seen in this picture:

    The silver knobs will be used for the temperature control, like in the factory unit my car came with. The questions I have are what to use the push control for? Each knob can be pushed for an additional button press, my factory unit did not have this function and I'm unsure what to use it for.

    I'm not doing anything fancy as far as custom boards (yet) so the button leads will simply run to the original board being relocated to the glovebox. Without a direct, obvious use for the knob press, I'm at a loss for what to use that for. Also, not pictured, but intended are 5 silver buttons I plan to have connected to the computer to be programmable.

    While on the subject, I originally expected my disc drive would have buttons and such on it, that I could wire to the eject and load buttons, and the disc read light above the slot. It has no buttons, so what would be the best way to revive functionality into these buttons? I've seen keyboards with these. Should I just get a programmable 10-button pad and wire that up?
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    I think I will just make "Load" into the PC power button and hook the knob presses up to the seat heaters.


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      How Do I Accomplish This?

      OK, so the rotary knobs on push, I've decided to control my seat heaters. The problem is, what's the simplest way to make a single button control a 3 stage thing?

      The seat heater switches are designed in a way that a separate wire is "on" for each setting (lo, hi) and of course, off doesn't need any active connection.

      I'm pretty sure it is that simple as the wiring would likely be reduced if it sent some kind of signal and wasn't just activating voltage for the heaters.

      I don't want to use a Fusion Brain for this, and I'm quite sure there is some simple, electronic component that can handle this. Please correct me if I am wrong, I am quite inexperienced with the different kinds of circuits and may be mistaken. I just think the FB is a waste for this application alone.

      Default: off -> push: low heat -> push: high heat -> push: off again

      Each knob will control that corresponding side's heater.