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Screwing into Trunk Floor

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  • Screwing into Trunk Floor

    I have my carpc mounted in the trunk, but it's just sitting there for now. I'd like to attack it to the floor of the trunk, but I'm afraid to drill into the floor (the gas tank is back there, underneath the rear seats). Is this fear legitimate, or is there some way I can be sure to avoid the gas tank? Or should I just mount the pc to the walls of the trunk somehow?

    It's a Chrysler Concorde in case that matters.


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    You always need to be careful when drilling into anything in a car, especially the trunk. Crawl underneath and see where the fuel tank is, various lines, hoses, etc. I try to avoid drilling into the bottom of the trunk, because it invites water, fumes, etc, into the inside of the car. If you want to put it in the trunk, I'd cut a sheet of plywood to size and mount the carpc to it, then place it in the trunk.

    You should find a few forums for your particular car and see how people have mounted amplifiers and subs.
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      Mounting computers, amplifiers, batteried etc. in trunk.

      The easiest way to mount items in the trunk of your car is to make mounting studs to conn the device.

      1. You can mount two aluminum channels to the underside of your back window deck,(remove the plastic cover first, then re-install to cover the holes and bolt heads), then drill and intall long bolts, held to the bottom horizontal side of the channel with lock washers and nuts. The Channel length ,width positioning and bolt positioning would line up to the mounting holes in the computer case. This will allow you to mount the computer case upside down, install by sliding up over the bolts and securing with a second set of lock washers and nuts.

      2. Remove the liner from the side of the trunk, locate existing holes in the frame on the back side of the wheel well and back of the trunk near the rear tail lamps. Install bolts, flat washers, lock washers and nuts to create mounting studs. Use a sheet of 1 foot by 2 or 3 foot 1/16" Aluminum plate, cut one end curved to match rear wheel well arc, bend other end at 90 degrees (L shape) to make it parallel with the back of the trunk. You then cut the plate parallel to the trunk back to clear the tail lamps. Drill holes in the aluminum plate so that the studs mounted to the existing body holes go through the holes in the plate. Re-install trunk liner, making X pattern holes using utility knife to allow studs to go through, You can then either paint or apply shelf mastic to the aluminum plate. Mount the aluminum plate after mounting computer,amplifer, battery holder etc. using a second set of lock washers and nuts.
      Note; the aluminum plate is mounted vertically, providing a mounting surface similar to a firewall. Leave enough space at the bottom to allow you to remove the panel and liner that covers the spare tire.

      Either will allow you to remove the bolts and brackets , put tape on the back of the liner to close the holes when selling or trading in your car.