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First time Car PC, Help/Advice would be great thanks :)

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  • First time Car PC, Help/Advice would be great thanks :)

    Hi all I'm Tyler and currently looking in to installing a Car PC for my 94 Celica (ST204)

    From what i understand I'm going to need to piece together a nice compact computer and was wondering how this would compete:
    *D945GSEJT Intel Mini-ITX board
    *M2-ATX-HV 140W Intelligent DC-DC PSU
    *Morex 5677 Mini-ITX Case Without PSU
    *BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver
    *USB-LED-1 RGB LED Controller
    *some sort of in dash screen to fit a dual din space.

    Now the basic use of this will be GPS/Media maybe bluetooth for phone/keyboard/mouse (thinking have a usb port to plug Telstra internet usb in to for a quick web surf).
    The setup i would like it to fit into will consist of 2/3 amplifiers (1x 4 chan for speakers and 1 or 2 monos for subs)
    there will also be a 20" 1600x900 LED screen in the boot that i would like to make use of whilst pulled up somewhere so along with the in dash screen (assuming touch screen control) I would need something like an IR remote to control from the rear of the vehicle as well.
    The LED controller will be to control the boot lighting that I would like to have in place but is not 100% needed. It will just make the custom boot install stand out nicely.

    Also wasn't 100% sure if the M2 ATX Power Supply had the 4 pin power connection (i see it has the 20 one)
    For the PCI port I wouldn't mind something like an external HDD dock or something I could fit in to the glove box to plug in a HDD to get media back and forward from the home PC to the car and maybe an external CD Drive somewhere.

    Anyway any information would be very much appreciated

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    Since I didn't really see a question there, I have some for you...

    1. You say the "boot" which I infer as the "trunk" -- will have the save video output as the front screen?
    2. What features do you envision controlling with the remote?
    3. Do you need a remote? Why not use the bluetooth keyboard/mouse?
    4. What software are you planning on using?
    5. How far away do you envision being from the TV in the boot (when your sitting around watching it)

    Oh, wait there was a question...

    No, the M2 doesn't have the additional 4 pin power supply (I have an old one and don't remember having it). That said a molex to 4-pin connector are out there ( , quick google search) -- and the M2 should provide enough power.


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      1. yeah the boot is the trunk and the screen will have the same video output
      2. just menu control and music/volume control
      3. remote would be easire than having a keyboard whilst standing outside the car.
      4. More than likley Win7 with Centrafuse
      5. Not heaps far maybe a meter or so back if that. butthe further im able to go the better.

      Compiled a new parts list and wondering if they would work well together and in a CarPC application.

      ASRock H61M-ITX Motherboard
      Intel Core i3 2100
      A-RAM 2x 2GB 1333MHz
      M4-ATX 250W DC-DC Power Supply
      Perspex Mini-ITX HTPC Case
      Lilliput 7" HD Touch Screen
      Leadtek Winfast PxDVR3200 H PCIe
      Bluetooth adapter
      GlobalSat BU-353 GPS Receiver
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        Have you checked Centrafuse's ability to work with remotes? I don't know as I haven't really played with Centrafuse yet. As far as the hardware listed, it looks workable -- just missing said remote...


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          Yeah thinking I read that all I need to do is map the keys to the corresponding hot keys for Centrafuse.