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Aftermarket Keyless Entry slight problem.

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  • Aftermarket Keyless Entry slight problem.

    Hey there, I installed the 'Steel mate' central locking system in my car a while ago. A few weeks later I brought the '4 Channel wireless relay' (digitech) From jaycar. With good intentions of hooking up one of the channels to the steel-mate central locking.

    Ill try my best to explain the situation.

    Brown wire - When touches ground doors lock.
    White wire - When touches ground doors un-lock.

    Wireless relay box:
    Yellow - Common
    Yellow w/red - Normally open
    Yellow w/Black - Normally closed

    Now I have the.
    - yellow touching ground
    - yellow w/red on the white
    - Yellow w/Black on brown.

    note- I have the box set to 'latched'

    I press the button on the wireless-relay remote the doors lock and un-lock no problem. I was super happy untill.
    I useed the key in the door to unlock, Both doors unlock, when i goto lock with the key- Nothing happens.

    I think the problem is that once it unlocks the white wire is touching ground through the wireless relay box.

    My my question is, Is there a way to make this work?
    Please feel free to ask questions, I realise that there is a lot of information there,

    Thanks heaps

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    Hello, and welcome to mp3car. This forum is primarily dedicated to the hobby of putting computers, in our cars! That being said, your question doesn't really relate to carpc's in any way, so you may not get much of an answer here. Your best bet might be to try an automotive electronics or security webite. I would hate for you to wait for an answer here when your question would be better answered on a more appropriate forum.

    That being said, You need two relays. Both normally open. When you hit the button, you want each relay to momentary pulse on (Lock for lock, unlock for unlock). One relay would tie brown to ground, one relay would tie white to ground (Through normally open). If you can have your wireless relay box wires pulse both two different wires on when you hit different buttons, that would likely do what you need. Just tie each wire to each relay. That relay box sounds like it only has one channel (But you need two, one for lock, one for unlock).
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      Sounds to me like if you just switch the box from being 'latched' to being 'momentary' it should all work. The only issue I can see happening there is that if it is really momentary, it might not hold the signal for a long enough time that the locking system picks it up - but if it is just using it as a trigger, and not running the solenoid/lock power through the wires that you're connecting to ground, you don't have to worry about it.