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Volume issues with a HDZOOM HDZ300

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  • Volume issues with a HDZOOM HDZ300

    I install this yesterday on my motorcycle..There is no other radio, player etc. on my bike just speakers from an old car radio that was there before. Everything seems to work except there is no volume control. The radio plays and I can hear it..but to low for a motorcycle. SO what do i have to add to get volume control or is there a secret menu I haven't found for volume..or am I screwed??

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    I think the radio's output still needs to be amplified. I am sure those small 2 channel amps on ebay will meet your needs and also provide a volume control. Something like this Just a thought SNO
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      Yep i guess i need an amp..

      MIGHT BE AN ISSUE WEATHER on a motorcycle.


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        One more question..I have been looking at I assume low end amps on ebay like this one.

        and the only power plug in I see is for a ac to dc do you power this type of amp when installed in motorcycle does the power come though the tuner via the rca jacks??? How???


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          It looks like it is powered by the barrel plug. You need to find out the input voltage range for that amplifier. If it is good for 6-18 volts, then it should be good to power it directly off the motorcycles battery power, otherwise you are going to need a high power regulator.

          Something to be aware of, it looks like it uses 5A at 12V of power. This is 60W of power. Granted it will never use that MUCH power, but assume it uses 25% then you're still using 15W of power. Be sure your motorcycle alternator can handle the extra load.
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            The unit I posted has the power cable included and the seller has a few more sales under his belt than the one you posted. It looks like the same exact unit though. just a heads up SNO