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    Hi everyone thought i would introduce myself, stumbled across this site as should be revising for exams and was looking to install a car computer into my old austin mini. This will be my first car computer and its slightly daunting there are reams of information on this site and I am attempting to make my way through it slowly. I know what i want just not sure if its possible but I will find out in time.

    Plan to use a laptop I have as the basis, I see a good power supply for them is CarNetix CNX-P2140 or at least i think it is, just at initial stages of research right now. Being an old mini space is very much at a premium also very real threat of being broken into as such an old car so i was hoping i could make the laptop control wireless either through an iphone or tablet... but i still need to look into this. anyway photo's of the car its to go into ( she has had a "subtle" engine change )

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    the laptop i was planning to use was a dell latitude D630, INTEL CORE 2 DUO CPU T7100 1.8GHZ, 1gb ram and 75gb hard drive. The first thing i am wondering though is how well do the hard drives cope with being in the car, my mini's ride is harsh to say the least?


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      Do some reading int he FAQs. All your questions have been answered.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Thanks, yeah im just at the initial stages of working it all out. going to add the information into here as i find in the hope to keep it all in one place for myself.

        seems an issue is with the dell check circuits this can be got round with this: and using the instructions from this guy


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          ok still slowly thinking and planning, seems start up shut down can be an issue so what i was planning using windows shut down timer...easy enough. for the start up the worry is ignition is turned on and off quickly not allowing the computer to start up and then shut down again? still not 100% as surely with the battery the computer will load up then try and switch itself off it there is no power and if there is then power it wont shut down?


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            if building your own solution, use a delay. the easiest method might be to rig a dei528 pulse timer to trigger the startup after the car has started.

            if you choose to use a prebuilt psu like the carnetix 1900, 2140, dc-dc-usb, then it is built in...
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              thank you very much, i like the look of that a lot. I will be doing this or attempting to at least on the cheap. having a look DEI 528 T relay only really available from the states, thats not an issue are the much of a muchness though. I dont want to be buying a cheapy crappy one that will break off ebay for example?