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  • Newbie audio question

    Is it possible to wire 3.5mm audio jacks to stock audio wiring and plug directly to soundcard in pc? or is an amp required? Installing carpc in 2005 honda crv (uk) model. Thanks for any help.

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    I think an amp is necessary to push any kind of quality audio to the speakers. technically, I think it is possible to use a 3.5 mm to RCA adaptor and then cut the RCA side to expose the wire and soder that to your factory wiring harness. Never tried that, but I think it would work... I just went with the amp on mine and I am really pleased with the way it sounds!


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      if your car doesn't have a factory amp that accepts low level audio signals, then you need a amp.

      while you could connect the computers output like how your describing, without a amp, it would never be louder then a quiet whisper-- just letting the motor idle would drown out the music.
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