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This is just ridiculous!!

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  • This is just ridiculous!!

    I'm getting my new (to me) ride within a few days - hopefully tomorrow. FWIW it's a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8.

    I've been playing with HTPC's the last couple of years so I thought I'd be fancy and set up a carputer. When I started doing my homework I eventually ended up here and am just amazed to put it mildly. I can't believe the hardware that is available for this application and how it all (seemingly) is just plug and play. store even has a instrument bezel for my car that already has a monitor mounted in it for me.... WOW! I'm sure I'm missing a lot of very fine details that will probably hit me squarely in the forehead soon enough but it looks like everything I can think of is available with convenient USB hook up. Hands free bluetooth for the phone, voice recognition, gps nav, AM/FM radio, reverse backup camera and the display automatically switches input, and it looks like I can probably get the hardware for a pretty capable setup for ~$1k. Amazing.

    Sorry there's no point to this thread. Just wanted to introduce myself as you'll probably be seeing me post a lot of questions in the next while, and to say thanks for such a great site.

    Take care,