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ipod nano to car antenna connector?

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  • ipod nano to car antenna connector?

    I typed a long post a little while ago, and it seemed to disappear when I went to post it, so I apologize if it comes back and this is a double post. Im new here and looking to be pointed in the right direction.Basically I have an old car with no radio and wont cut the dash. All I really want in it is mp3 and fm. Ipod nano has both but uses the headphones for the antenna. I have an antenna on my car already, and places to put speakers, so I will have normal car speakers with a normal amp. There are volume control knobs available that can be mounted anywhere. I plan to put the ipod nano in the ashtray, console, glovebox, etc. I was wondering if there was some sort of dongle/breakout box that would come out of the headphone out and split it into the audio out and to a car antenna connector. i dont think it would get good reception tucked away somewhere without a real antenna. Or are there any plans available online to make one? Thanks for any help in advance!