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My First CarPC Build for '11 Kia Sorento... Please Review and Advise

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  • My First CarPC Build for '11 Kia Sorento... Please Review and Advise

    This will be my first foray into building and running a car PC. I have built a number of machines in the past however it was some years ago and always just standard desktop models. I installed one of those Chinese OEM looking double din DVD navigation units but have been far less than happy with its functionality. The next option is a standard double din unit from Kenwood, Clarion, Alpine, etc. but for the features I would like I am looking at over $1000 and would be limited on what it could do. That leads me to the CarPC route. I have spec'd out what I think will be a solid machine but if anyone can review it and see if I am missing anything or see anything that might not play well with something else, I would greatly appreciate the input. My goals are the fastest possible boot into the frontend as possible, ease of use for the wife, solid Navigation, easy bluetooth connectivity for music and phone calls, steering wheel buttons functional. This will be installed in a 2011 Kia Sorento LX.

    Those are the definite items as of now unless advised otherwise. Obviously there will be misc wiring for the amp and display as well. I already have Polk DB651s 6.5" speakers in all the doors and a 10" Pioneer sub in a small enclosure I built some time ago that's been sitting on the shelf for years that I figure I would throw into the mix. Lastly is the display. I don't want to spring the $500-700 for a sunlight readable transflective display so exploring options. The windshield comes back pretty far on the newer Sorentos so glare is an issue. From what it seems from the reading I have done on here is that the best option is a high nit display with a capacitive touch overlay. One that I am interested in is this one (post 1077) being offered by member Does anybody else have a suggestion on a decent but cost effective display that would work preferably with HDMI input along with an aux input for my backup cam.

    I plan on tying in the OEM USB and AUX ports along with a Clarion microphone I installed with the Chinese unit install.

    I plan on running TinyXP ver 11 and RideRunner on top of that. I don't really like the Centrafuse interface and I looked through the skins and still wasn't that interested. Is RideRunner going to be too difficult to setup for someone with very little coding ability? I am use to running some stuff via cmd line and patching files (have rooted and flashed my last two Android phones, toyed with Linux occasionally and messed with windows sys files once in a while). Does it seem that this setup will be difficult to get up and running. once up and running are there any flags that might indicate if it will be unstable? I don't mind tinkering here and there as I understand this kind of thing is a hobby however this will be installed in my wife's car and used for family road trips and whatnot therefore need it to be relatively stable and easy to use. The other thing I am trying to decide on is whether or not a CD/DVD player is necessary. In this day and age with Slacker Radio and Pandora music is available in abundance and with a majority of my movies being electronic copies already does this really seem necessary? Have those who have forgone a CD/DVD player in a family environment had any issues? Eventually I will be installing rear displays that I plan to use once kids become part of the picture.

    I know this is a lot of info but I have been scouring the forums in the shadows for weeks researching as much as I could before finally posting. I will be very appreciative to those that give their insight into the feasibility and stability of this build.