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Android drivers for USB touchscreens?

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  • Android drivers for USB touchscreens?

    Considering many high-end Android phones have hdmi/dvi out and USB host support, has anyone looked into connecting a touchscreen's usb connector to a phone? That way you can mirror your phone screen on a larger display and use the phone's data connection, gps etc. Most of the work would already be done for you.

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    Any thoughts?

    Out of the box, any high-end android phone can mirror its display on a DVI or HDMI, connect to a keyboard, mouse, HDD, OBDII, or many other USB/BT peripherals. There's no modding or hacking needed, it just works.

    90% of a basic carputer is already present on the phone, all that is needed is support for an absolute-posistioned USB touchscreen. It might work automatically, I don't have one to test.

    Imagine a tablet-integration build with no worries about wifi, synchronization, paying for mobile broadband, having to still pull out the phone for making calls, etc.

    I think it would be really cool.

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      Surely someone here has heard of USB OTG?


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        Any luck ? Iv'e been searching for months on this? I want to do the same with my Galaxy Nexus, the option i was thinking was to put a Apple track pad in the car to control the device.


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          I'm pretty sure that's what Mimics does. I don't know if they released a version for android phones yet, though. I know they have a solution for IPhones.
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            I've also been looking for a solution to this for a month now. I want to control my phone with a touchscreen overlay on my car's stock nav screen. Apparently the customgadz device does this (but using bluetooth instead of USB) but he has stopped selling it and is working on a new version. I have contacted a lot of different touchscreen manufacturers, but very few screens have android drivers and the ones that do are either too big or 4x3. if anyone else has found one, or thought of some other workaround, I would love to know about it.


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              Bump, any ideas? I know there's got to be a way to get a touchscreen to work with android.