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I need some help with a sub I bought

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  • I need some help with a sub I bought

    Hey, I bought a small enough subwoofer to fit in the back of my car, it has the stripped black and red wires on it for the audio, that i was using to plug into my speakers and use the universal adapter, but I want to put it into my car and have no idea what I need to do. I need some help and with the power. thank you.

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    could you post a link, picture, or model number? there are a lot of different models like that, and most have different connections.
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      Ya you really need to be more specific. Because it its just a subwoofer speaker then you need an enclosure, if you already have that then you need an amplifier. If you have those 3 very basic things for a subwoofer then you have to hook speaker cables from subwoofer to amplifier. You hook battery to aplifier and audio source to amplifier.


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        If it is an all-in-one amp + speaker, then you need to run a power line from the battery's positive terminal through the bulk head, and through the car to the sub's power connector. The power line needs to be rated to carry the maximum current that the sub can draw; to work this out, divide the sub's power rating (RMS) by 12 - e.g. a 240 Watt sub will draw 20 amps max. You need to install a fuse in the power line right next to the battery. Check what rating the sub manufacture recommends (mine takes a 30A fuse)

        Then you need to earth the sub: drill a hole in something metal in the car, and connect the earth cable with a ring terminal. Make sure you use the same current-rated cable for the earth cable. Then you need to supply an audio signal to the sub, either run phono audio cable from the head-unit's sub output, or some subs can take a speaker level input. Finally, depending on how your sub is switched on, you might need to run a remote turn-on line (low current) from the head unit so that the sub knows when it should power up. The remote turn-on is usually blue and white coming out of the head unit's wiring loom.

        Finally, you'll get much better results if you can high-pass filter the audio to all the other speakers in the car so they don't handle the bass any more. Some head units have this feature.