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I need help overkilling my car security!

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  • I need help overkilling my car security!

    I have a 1989 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Wolfburg "Helios" Edition, there are only 1500 of them made and it was never released in my country so I had to import it. Ive had it for about 4 years now and have never taken it out on the road yet because of my fear to damage, theft, or the magical flying doors we so frequently find in parking lots. So my solution is to completely over kill my car with security hardware.

    I'm thinking front and rear bumper cams, and oppsite facing front and rear interior cams (dash cam faces rear window, rear window cam faces the dash), as well as a bunch of general security items like an alarm, tinting my windows, gps anti theft tracking, as well as remote ignition kill.

    I wanna do a three monitor carputer using a small Linux box, touch screen main monitor up front and dual cloned monitors for the back. What kind of hardware should I be looking at to have all of these working on one Linux based pc?

    I need four wide angle cameras, gps tracking, and signal/speed monitoring. So while I'm driving for legal reasons I want proof of my speed and correct signal use logged on the computer incase an accident happens at someone else's fault I want to have all evidence I was driving legally.

    The main concern for that is because my friend was driving his RSX Type-S and some girl in a ****ty falling apart Mustang thought it was funny to keep bumping his rear bumper until he had to stop and she didn't, after the police arrived they let her off because he was able to drive home safely as the damage wasn't too bad, a few days later she totaled her car hitting someone else! So if I run into someone like this I want proof of how irrisponcible some of the drivers are so these people are never around my car again.

    I've seen accelerometer programs in racing videos on YouTube that also show their foot petal control usage and I would like something like this for my car. Cost is not an issue as this car can NOT be replaced if anything happened.

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    you the car has been in your carport for 4 years? without ever been driven down to the shops...

    if this is the case, skip the security and just buy another car that your not scared to drive.
    if your afraid of a dent, then you wont want to hack up the car for a install sake
    2004 Holden WL Caprice Auto GENIII
    Base System = Raspberry Pi
    Everything else is pending for now as switched from a Mini-ITX setup


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      Well it's not that I'm scared to hack up the car a bit to fit some cameras because I do lots of body work so I'll pull it off smooth, it's the fact that parklot hit and runs are so common here I would almost rather walk to a store then to risk leaving my car out there. My Dads 2010 GMC Sierra was parked in the back row of a parking lot as far from the building as he could and someone drive into the side of the truck ($6000 in damage) and screwed off without leaving any insurance information. My girlfriends 2010 Mazda 3 GT just had the front bumper repainted($700) after an accident in the winter and the next day a bunch of mud flew off of a giant off roading truck on the highway leaving rock chips all over her brand new painted bumper and hood, my brothers 2004 Civic Si has a big scrape down the side and the rear quarter is pressed in on the wheel arch ($3000 in damage) due to someone backing out of the spot next to him and didn't stop when they started hitting his car.. Now I know this kind of stuff will happen anywhere in the world but because we didn't have any cameras in these cars the cops here won't do anything to help us. We've reported it all and the only thing we've heard from them is "we'll look into it". So having multiple cameras in any car here is a very good idea for insurance sake since the police wont do a thing. Not to mention the countless times I was wrongfully pulled over by the police due to my age.

      Regardless of being scared of anything happening to my car, it will happen one day whether I want it too or not but I would at least like to have a huge over kill of security hardware in my car so when it does happen I'll have every bit of proof to get those scumbag drivers who don't care for others property.
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