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  • Hello - Apple TV Question

    Hi I am new to the forums and thought I would post my question here as recommended. I read several posts on the Apple TV and saw that the user "Dscustoms" successfully modded his to have a plug that can run a DC-DC converter; however, I didn't see any schematics as to how he did it or if anyone else was successful. My main question is... How do you find which wires on the Apple TV power supply unit output positive and negative? I am thinking that I could use a multimeter or testlight but I don't know if that would cause either the testers or the PSU to burn out. I am trying to install mine on a boat and have a projector connected to it. Right now I use an inverter, and that consumes 8 amps (inverter) + 17 amps (Apple TV after conversion). the actual draw is 1.75 amps from the apple tv but the rule of thumb when converting from ac to DC amps is you multiply the AC amps by 10. This is bad for my boat as my battery only supplies 125 Amp hours, and my solar panels only put in 5 amps on a sunny day. I'm not really looking for an easy way out, I like learning how to do things. But the easy way is welcomed if you have one though!