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  • Audio Quality Question

    Hi All,

    I have a quick question that I am currently debating in my head. I have a Y Cable which is obviously going to provide a better audio but looking to use A2DP or aux in. I am thinking of buying the Belkin AirCast Auto which streams A2DP audio from phone and plugs into the Aux In port.

    Am I better (quality wise) using the Aircast to stream music through A2DP to aux in or using a wired Aux in connection to my iPhone?

    I would naturally say the aux in is going to provide better quality but A2DP would provide an easier install.


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    Wired is definitely better.


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      it really depends on the person. i can tell a difference between 64kbp/s audio files(can't stand them for any more then a minute or two) and 128+ kbp/s audio files, but many other people cant' tell what all the fuss is about.

      for my car, i would only hardwire it. but it's your car, and your ears-- i recommend trying to pick up a really cheap a2dp adapter and trying it for yourself.
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        soundman98 is right. It does depend on the quality of the a2dp system as well. My winter car has a clarion deck with a2dp and I couldn't listen to talk on that let alone music. My carpc with bluesoleil actually sounds fairly good. I'm pretty picky though and with a good system or a good set of headphones can tell between 128 and 256. I encode everything at 320 cause space is of little concern now. I've actually been half tempted to buy a cheap bigger drive for my netbook and put everything in WAV format. Biggest problem is tags. I digress.


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          Thanks for the help. Think I will try hardwire it and maybe install the A2DP for phone connectivity and try using that as well.