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  • Car audio directly from cellphone

    Hi, does any1 knows if its possible to use your cellphone as your only audio playback device in the car?

    I'm planning on plugging it to a touchscreen and then, for the sound, I would like to plug it to an amp and from it to 2 tweeters and 4 speakers.

    I'd like to know:
    1-do i need a pre-amp to do this
    2-what kind of amp would be suitable for 2 tweeters and 4 speakers (no sub)
    3-has any1 achieved a working setup with an android phone and a 7'' touchscreen?


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    tweeters use crossovers and share the channel with the front speakers. You need a 4-channel amp, not a 5 channel, or 4.1, those are pricier because they account for high wattage going to a sub.

    I currently have my amp in my car plugged in to an ipod until my PC is finished and it is sufficient for my needs. I cannot max the volume without being uncomfortably loud. The android puts out about the same volume. If you like your stuff loud, use a preamp. If you like your music at more normal levels, you won't need one. Just be sure to get well-shielded audio lines. Ground loop noise is horrible if you skimp on the shielding/bonding for this.

    Note: My amp has a sub channel and Alpine amps are pricey, but superb quality. The MRX-F35 would be what you need (if you go with Alpine) because it is a 4-ch amp and should provide plenty of wattage for regular speakers. The entire X-Power series is fantastic. If you are looking for something more akin to stock power levels, try to avoid going below anything less than 40x4 watts (160 watts, 4 channels).


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      wow Ryven, your answer was even more than I expected

      thanks a lot pal! i'll try the MRX-F35 without preamp then


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        I run my phone into a Clarion Equalizer, that goes to a 6 channel amp. That powers a tweeter and woofer in the front doors and the 5th and 6th are bridged to a sub. It's a great setup and get's super loud.