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Suggestions for installing SSD into VoomPC2

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  • Suggestions for installing SSD into VoomPC2

    Hi guys! This is my first post, but I've been sort of lurking in the shadows for a while ever since I decided to add a PC to my truck.

    Anyway, I've got most of my hardware, and I've run into a little problem putting it all together. I have the VoomPC2 enclosure, this motherboard, and a Crucial 2.5" SSD. My problem is that the VoomPC2 assumes that the ATX connector on the motherboard will not be near the front of the case, and unfortunately it is in that exact location on my motherboard. Because of this I can't access the SATA connections on my drive unless I turn it around backward and run the cables out the CD Drive slot. This isn't a problem in testing, but I'd like my final build to look atleast sort of barely decent.

    I there anyway I can mount the drive in a different way without just drilling new holes in the Voom bracket? I won't mind doing that, but I thought I'd check first.

    Anyway, Thanks for any help!