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Concept for first build, reusing some desktop parts, do you see problems?

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  • Concept for first build, reusing some desktop parts, do you see problems?

    I am planning a new build in my 2008 ram 1500. I will construct everything in the center "contraban" hiding spot under the front center seat. At this time I will not be upgrading any audio components, but will be running the sound into the stock head unit via the aux input.

    Here are the planned parts:

    Asrock extreme3 gen3 full atx mobo
    intel i5-i2500k Processor (95w)
    100g intel ssd with windows 7
    8g gskill sniper ddr3
    Asus dvd multi optical drive
    2 fans (have various, will use based on best fit and air flow)

    ^^^want to reuse these because I own them already

    M4 Atx power supply
    12" lillput in the dash (constructed to cover but not replace the head unit)
    unknown gps
    unknown bluetooth
    28mm backup camera
    wifi pci board

    My concern is the mobo and processor. my various searches have not revealed anyone else using full ATX board or the i2500 cpu for their carputer. I think I will be under the max wattage and I am hopeful that my alternator can keep up. I have moderate computer building skills and have installed many car sound systems.

    Looking forward to getting started! Thanks for any input!

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    People avoid full ATX boards due to size considerations. If you've got the space for it, use what you got.

    The CPU, on the other hand...
    That could be a potential issue. It is a high power draw CPU, which can cause problems.
    The max draw on the 12v rail will be around 8A (95w / 12v = 7.916A) for the CPU itself. Factor in the motherboard, hard drive(s) and optical drives and you're pushing dangerously close to the 10A limit on the 12v rail for the M4.
    If you were to replace any piece of that system, I'd look at a 65w CPU to keep your potential power draw well under the limits of the PSU.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks DP, that is what I was concerned with. I think I might sell the 2500k and purchase a 2120T (35w) that is still socket 1155 and will fit my current board. I hope that cutting my cpu draw by two thirds will keep me safely under the amperage limits.

      Now the hard part...waiting for desktop parts/watercooling stuff to sell on ebay so I can get *new* stuff.


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        Personal opinion, but ditch the DVD drive. Unless you plan on carrying a massive library of dvds in your car, a simple thumb drive and conversion software will make your car PC more efficient in the long run. I've owned a slot load dvd drive for probably 5 years at this point and i've never used it. Couldnt honestly tell you if its still hooked up to my car PC or not. No reason to waste limited wattage on something you wont use. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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