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New to here...Have an idea to get started on wiring

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  • New to here...Have an idea to get started on wiring

    I have been watching the forums also and think I am ready to get started...

    I have a Van and I was thinking about running the power line under the car because the plastic pieces on the side really don't have much room under them. I know this is a bad idea in most peoples minds but what do you think of this idea...

    A PVC pipe ran under the the body to protect the wire...maybe even a metal pipe around that plastic PVC to protect it even more...


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    Shouldn't be a problem, as long as the wire is adequately protected.
    PVC pipe would work for that purpose, but I think split-loom would be sufficient. It's the same stuff the OEMs use for any wiring that is exposed under the car.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Well things may have changed...I pulled my plastic again and I might be when i order my 2 gauge next week (I HOPE) I will try it and see if it works.

      Now I have a 600w amp and a notebook I am planning on using. I figure that a 2 gauge will power that just fine. can't wait...been working on trying to get one done but could never get passed the dream stage.


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        Yyour going to use 2 gauge to power a 600w amp?? 8 gauge would be more then sufficient , the most ull get outta that amp would be 400 watt and i've run 1200w amps off of 8 gauge and have not had any problems. if u get an amp wiring kit from a mobile electronics store such as Best Buy or one that sells radios and such.The packaging will usually tell u the wattage recommended for the gauge your using , 0-2g would be great if ur running a good 3000w system and then some.


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          I realise that 8 gauge should be fine...but

          I believe never do what is more
          I always over compensate
          This 600w amp is only being use for now...later I want a sub amp and an amp for my speakers and the 600w will be replaced possibly then
          I also and looking at powering the computer off the same drop

          I personally have never ran a power drop with anuything less than 4 gauge...esp. since some of the wire kits I bought ended up being smaller than it said it was. WHich is why some brand I won't buy.


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            what sorta 2 gauge u using btw? i've never heard of a company making an odd number like that well not automotive use anyway. usaually its 0-1 ,4,8,10 .


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              2 gauge a odd size? There are 2 guage kits all over...rocksford...DB LInk...Power Acoustik...Street Wires...Tsunami
              ...the list goes on

              0/1 is more common yes but they are for sale
              May even up ordering a 0/1

              Actually most of the kids around here that run more that 4gauge are running 2 gauge


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                Yea in my area i dont see much that specific size i even double checked our supplier books , and the most common i see are the 0/1,4,8 sizes . So it was a lil odd to see a specific 2g size


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                  I found some by the folot...but then I end up buying all the connectors and stuff and having extra wire probably in the long run. Once I order I will probably have the drop installed a couple days after