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    I've always dreamed of a car computer, but was put off with the amount of work to get something up and running. With the announcement of the nexus 7, things are getting way too easy to pass this up now.

    I have a Garmin voice recognition GPS and a alpine ex-10 right now, and it is actually quite a nice setup. Despite the **** reviews for the ex-10, it works wonders for me. I get great iPod control, and the audio over bluetooth allows me to stream stuff from google music or even soundcloud and it works wonderfully. Pauses when I get a phone call, sound quality is great, etc.

    I guess I'm ready to get everything in one package though. Having the GPS call out my turns over my music would be a nice addition. Plus the 3d maps from google would be a nice touch.

    The nexus 7 looks like the perfect fit for the money. The only glaring hole for me is the ability to hook up an iPod for massive, offline storage. My searches online were futile. I briefly looked through the forums here, but I couldn't find anything like this.

    Is this just another pipe dream for me? Any other ideas for music management? Maybe just an external drive would be ok, but I would probably miss the management of the library via iTunes. (although, then again, iTunes has been getting pretty lame over the past few years... maybe it wouldn't be so bad to drop it altogether)

    Thanks for hearing me out.

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    you could stream the audio if you wanted to put it all in the cloud
    you could get one of those hard drives that have a wifi companion app for android (but that would require having a wifi network inside the car i believe)
    if you have your itunes on an iphone or ipod touch there are various ways to control them via android
    if we are talking about an ipod classic, i really don't have any idea for you.