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need help with amp and subs setup

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  • need help with amp and subs setup

    i need to know if i can set up all my speakers with the amp i have so i anyone can tell me will be very helpful

    i have:
    2 12"superblue 500w subs
    2 10" mtx audio Terminator subwoofers

    but my amp is a 500wmax power Bazooka ELA300.1

    if i cant RUN all my subs on it can i run just the 2 super blues on it?
    please need help?

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    You could run them but your either
    A) going to have too much ohms or resistance on the sub an it will clip
    B) or u just wont have loud bass

    Your best bet would be looking for at least 1500w amp like an alpine or something comparable


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      don't run 2 separate size subs together. there will be certain times where they cancel each other out, so you'll see the subs moving, but there won't be any sound coming out, which will make your setup sound/look worse then it really is.
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