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Samsung galaxy 2 and Blaupunkt?

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  • Samsung galaxy 2 and Blaupunkt?

    Hi forum

    I have just baught a used car, with it came a pretty decent stereo a Blaupunkt Los Angeles MP71

    according to the instructions manual it is possible to connect external sources like cd-changer,mp3 etc. I have bought a standard Mini-iso to mini-jack, and plugged it in the line-in on the back.

    I have been using my phone like a source in my former car, with another stereo that had Mini-jack on the front, and there it sounded pretty normal but on my blaupunkt it sounds really distorted and very low. i have been searching for a andriod amplifier, for use with car stereo without luck.

    so do any of you, know a way i can fix this?