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Using iPad 2 for Head Unit

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  • Using iPad 2 for Head Unit

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums and this looked like a good place to share my current project. Basically the iPad is going to be easily removable but is also going to be the main interface for climate control, radio, and navigation. Essentially the iPad is going to be the faceplate to a completely custom headunit. I started on this project a little over a week ago and there is a ton of work left to complete moving forward.

    Work progress can be seen at

    I look forward to any feed back you all have.

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    Anyone have a good list of features that people typically try to incorporate into a car pc setup? My goal is to have an equally attractive set of features housed on the iPad. Also, has anyone else tried to use the iPad for controlling the climate controls?


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      Apple won't allow it. You could do it with an android tablet though. I tune cars as a side business and have seen people try multiple times to make a tuning app. Apple won't supply the needed info to interface it with any hardware.


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        What else would a person need hardware wise besides an open communication port? Using redparks serial cable basically allows a person to create a custom app and let it talk to basically anything I would think. My current project I'm going to use a pic16f887 hooked up to the iPad via the serial cable to control the cars heat and air in a dash mount install... I guess I'm not sure of the limitation you speak of...


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          That sort of thing is over my head in all honesty. I don't know about this cable you speak of, but I'm going to look into it and possibly show it to the guy that makes the engine management software I use. Maybe it would get the ball rolling.

          All I can really say is, check into the mfi program on the iPad. He was saying that was the issue.


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            Yes, I could see how the MFI program would be an issue for getting an app into the App Store for distribution. Last I heard they would not approve these kind of apps... But if your an iOS registered developer you can use the hardware basically however you see fit including the new serial cable that is now out.


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              Just thought I'd chime in... its been a while. I've got a few updates to share with the progress of my build. I'll be looking for some dash parts to hack up in the coming days to one day get this thing installed. Anyways let me know what you all think.