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How to communicate to phone that I am close to car?

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  • How to communicate to phone that I am close to car?

    On my Android phone (Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.1.1) I use an app called Tasker extensively to automate a ton of stuff on my phone. I am considering getting a new alarm to replace my old AutoPage system, and have decided upon a CompuStar "MaxIT" system with Drone Mobile. I'm interested in doing things like have my phone automatically start the Drone Mobile app when I approach the car, or possibly unlock the car/lock the car when I leave.

    When I dock my phone in the car it triggers stuff in the Tasker app already, so it would be very easy to have Tasker save the GPS coordinates when the phone is undocked, but then the GPS would have to constantly scan to know when I'm back in range, so this isn't ideal.

    My HU has bluetooth built in I use for streaming from my phone, but the signal gets turned off when I turn off the HU and I can't leave the HU powered up all the time, even with two batteries...

    I was thinking about getting a cheap bluetooth headset to just plug keep plugged into a charger all the time so that when the phone comes close it pairs with it and triggers Tasker, but I'm concerned about two things...for one, if I get a call when I'm near the car and answer it the headset will pick it up and I'll have to remember to manually switch to handset after answering. Secondly, I don't know if this will interfere with listening to music over bluetooth with the radio (will connecting the radio disconnect the headset?)

    I also thought about a wifi signal, but I don't know of any 12v wifi routers...

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm sure someone here will have a perfect solution.