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Front factory speakers crackling after...

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  • Front factory speakers crackling after...

    i have put some speakers in the back of my car today,
    i just cut the front speaker wires near the car cd player, and used butt connectors to link both the front and my new speakers together, the only problem is my 2 front factory speakers are crackling if it goes a little louder.

    this was sort of hard to explain, anyone out there to help, or explain brielfy how to set up new car speakers to my cd player + where the wires go etc instead of fusing factory wires together :s


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    it's probably too low of a resistance. normally, car speakers are 4 ohm, so it would be 2 ohms of resistance per channel, which might be too low for your deck, causing the 'crackling.

    it sounds like you wired them like the image on the right, i suggest you change it to be wired like the image on the left.

    this will reduce the overall loudness of the system, but will work reliably. the only other solution is to get a deck with 4 outputs, and connect each speaker individually.
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