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looking for some gauge info from the experts

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  • looking for some gauge info from the experts

    hi everyone I am new to this sight but stumbled across a post during an exhausting search for some relative options. what I am looking for is a device to display an exhaust gas temp and boost gauge on my 7" touch screen stereo ( that I have not yet purchased yet ) so i don't have to install and look at a bunch of pod gauges that create more blind spots and are slightly blinding at night! I am towing with a 1999 ford f350 powerstroke diesel, I pull a camper and trailer, there are a lot of us out there looking for such a system. now my touch screen stereo or the one I am looking at installing has dvd, cd, sd card, bluethooth, fire wire and usb jacks as well as navigation and rca connections which seem to be pretty much standard anymore. does or can someone makes a device that can plug into or link up with such a stereo so that we can view 1 to 3 gauge readouts on this screen rather than pod gauges that create blind spots or are blinding from the led light created by them. any info would be apprectiated!! I am not a computer savy person I stick to suspension and chassis design and building so when it comes to the ecu's and pcm's + proramming I have a good friend that handles that for me. he will be helping me on this if possible. we were talking and he said the only way he could think of IF i could find a device that would read 2 to 3 gauges and transmit them into a digital signal would be to hack the stereo and add an app to view this like the software we use with our bazzaz fi and auto tuner control systems on our sand rails. any info would be much appreciated. I have talked to innovative and he said a japanese company called hks used to make exactly what I am looking for but doesn't anylonger but did for a decade. does anyone know what this would've been called and is anyone making this device for a diff app still? these trucks do come with boost sensors so they could be read from the pcm's but they do not come with exhaust gas temp sensors so those would have to be added and the pyrometer is the most important gauge if your going to tune the truck for more pulling power. for those with auto trans a trans temp gauge is important as well and the pcm does read a factory sensor for that too.

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    I've done something similar to this. My cars pcm doesn't read AFR and I wanted to be able to read it from the odb2 port. We used the a/c pressure sensor line with a two way toggle to allow me to switch between afr and actual a/c pressure. Then we setup our software to read the pid for the a/c and that's how I log my afr.


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      Hello dsrace,

      Take a look at

      I think the encoder only version will solve your problem. It translates EGT + up to 4 analog sensor to digital CAN network.