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URGENT Car Computer Questions??

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  • URGENT Car Computer Questions??

    So I have been reading on this site for a while now studying and just wondering a few things,
    I would like to put in a carputer in my Lincoln LS and was wondering if a DC to DC PSU will be okay for this PC or do I need an inverter.
    The computer is an HP DC5100 SFF. The PSU in the computer now is "HP dps-240fb-1" 240W MAX output, input is 100-240V ~ /5A 47Hz-63Hz

    I'm thinking about getting a couple car batterys so I can use my electronics while the car is off. They would not be connected to the alternator, I would charge them when they get low. Does this sound good?
    Let me know what you think? Im also considering suggestions and ideas so feel free to give your input
    My car is completely stock right now
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    DC-dc psu is the best option. Either an M2 or M4 Atx psu will be fine. Connecting second battery to altenator would be ideal but how you set that up would depend on your needs. Dual batteries in tandem or isolated from one another again depends on your needs. Having to charge battery when at home could become a pain in the butt.


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      No need for extra batteries it will run just fine