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Help w/Galaxy Tab 7.7 and CarPC System

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  • Help w/Galaxy Tab 7.7 and CarPC System

    Hello all. Newbie to the CarPC world. I'm currently running a pretty hefty XBMC system at home, and want to emulate that in our 2005 QX56. I'm planning on replacing the OEM speakers\amp\sub with Planet Audio amps and Infinity speakers.
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 installed in dash for music and navigation
    • CarPC installed in center console for movies\TV shows for rear passengers

    I want to be able to route the audio from the Tab to both the front and rear speakers, or just the front while the CarPC goes only to the rear. Any advice on how to accomplish this would be appreciated. I'm currently thinking about running two amplifiers - one for the front and one for the rear. I'm still not real sure on the best way to hook it all up - crossovers that would be required, etc. I'm not opposed to installing a headunit if necessary as well - one that I could tie into the steering wheel controls would be nice for volume control. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.