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  • What exactly do I need?

    So having never really had a car pc before, I'm diving in and want to get one installed this month. The end product that I want is a 7" Double DIN Touchscreen running Android x86. It must have bluetooth capabilities to connect to my phone and act as a hands-free device, and the sound must go through my existing car speakers. There must be USB sockets to connect to a webcam (I've tested this part on Android so it works, I just need the available ports) and there must be a reasonable size hard drive to store my video/audo collection. I also need WiFi in order to connect to my home network, and GPS for use as a sat nav.

    So, I think my basic shopping list is something along the lines of:

    * A Car PC which is able to run Android x86
    * A touchscreen 7" double din unit (Lilliput?)
    * WiFi dongle
    * External Bluetooth GPS receiver
    * Something to power all of this
    * A way of connecting the audio to my existing speakers

    Can anyone give me a budge in the right direction of what products I actually need and whether there is something that I'm missing?


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    ok, a few nudges for you...

    I think you are making something that could be so simple into something that will be many many times more difficult and frustrating.

    with the exception of bluetooth phone running through it, a tablet mounted in the dash can do just about everything you require, and be much easier and much cheaper to implement.

    Google "usb otg" to see what can be done now a days for tablet input

    and the final nudge:

    if you picked up a nexus 7 tablet for ~$250 all in, you will wind up with:

    *a really nice 1280x800 capacitive multi touch screen
    *a quad core android motherboard that will always get the latest android build releases first.
    *a wifi dongle built in
    *a Bluetooth dongle built in
    *a 32gig SSD for the system
    *gps receiver built in, (although in some installs an external BT gps puck will be much better in use)

    all this ready to go out of the box, pre configured and for about just the cost of a lower res, single touch Lilliput

    hope this helps
    MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

    first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D


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      Thanks for your reply, but a tablet is no good to me. The lack of pairing with my phone to take phone calls in the car is one reason I can't have it, plus the security issue of having to take it out everytime I leave the car is just too much.