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    I received my Joycon EXR this morning, and while I have it installed, am having some issues that I think may just be newbie related. I am using it in a 2006 A4, this uses a CAN-BUS system, so I have an aftermarket harness that accepts the CAN-BUS and converts it to resistance based. Easy enough so far. So, I connected everything up, clicked Auto Detect, pressed each button on my steering wheel, and then assigned those buttons to actions. However, for some reason the track forward / backward button is not doing anything. Do I need to adjust the resistance value using the dial on the board?

    Secondly, I want to be able to open a Voice Command app on my Nexus 7 using a button on the steering wheel, I can see the App Link option in the software, but how do I program that using my Windows PC? Do I simply type the command to that app into the Full Path Of Application field in the software?

    Finally, is it possible to get some of the large heat shrink tubing at a hardware store? I have only ever seen small heat shrink, but have also not looked for anything large. The reason I ask, mine came pre-shrunk. LOL. I think the excessive heat we have had here in Virginia caused it to shrink.

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