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    Hi everyone
    I've been a member here for a while but don't think I've posted before

    I'm thinking about making a car computer out of an old laptop
    it's a dual core with 4GB ram so it should be powerful enough to do what I want
    I'm planning on using a 7 or 10 inch touchscreen as the monitor/control panel with no keyboard fitted (unless I have to have one)

    I'd like to run it in Windows if possible with some decent skin on it (not really looked into that bit yet)
    What I'd like it to be able to do is the following

    Computer with wifi and bluetooth talking to my phone
    I was thinking along the lines of something like this Dell DW 1703 Mini PCI-E Wireless Lan Card 802.11a/b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.0 FXP0D
    Think it would do the job?
    Also it has to have satnav capabilities, I use a tomtom at the moment but I'll have to change to ssomething else
    Anyone got any ideas about what I can use? obviously it will have an external gps antenna
    Also I'd like it to have DAB incorporated in it I was thinking about one of these EZCAP FM DAB Radio DVB-T Digital TV USB Receiver Dongle Stick
    Has anyone got one of them working in the car yet?
    I'd also if possible like normal "FM" radio any ideas how to incorporate this
    As to amplifier etc I've no idea, I don't need anything fancy or "loud" as I'm 50.
    I was thinking along the lines of maybe using a "normal" car radio as the audio output from the computer although I'd like it to have a proper seperate amp and not rely on an old radio
    I'd like the volume controlled by up down buttons on the touchscreen display

    Anyone think this is possible and would it all work?
    Will a windows system work, or would I have to use another operating system?

    All ideas/comments welcome

    Lewis (Manchester UK)

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    Hi Lew247 that computer should be very good for carpc. I think that mini-pci card will only work with win7 so keep that in mind. External gps you can use the globalsat bu-353-s4 (it's the newer model) I think for your dab radio, you should go with the monkeyboard unit. It has dab+ and FM and also has front end support in CF, Driveline and Freeice. For amp that's up to you. In my setup I use a computer amp from logitech x540 and replaced the power supply with a 12v unit from mp3car and hooked up my existing speaks to it. I use co-pilot live v8 for navigation software, it's very good and the company at leasts updates regularly. For a front end I would recommend Drveline as it is free and simple to use and has dab+ support for the monkeyboard. Co-pilot embeds nicely into it. No installation needed just run the exe. Hope this is some help to you and good luck on your project. SNO
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      Brilliant, thanks that gives me some more to work with
      I didn't know about the monkeyboard unit.
      tbh I never thought about using a pc amp, but how would you control the volume easily?