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    Has anyone bought one of these yet? Like them? I need a good sun light readable monitor I think...

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      haha...stupid me sorry -


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        Not that i have ever owned a lilliput but they have always seemed expensive for just a touch screen.their are other options around but mainly if you can use a built in screen/open have a capacative 7' option which i have uses a nice bright tablet screen but there is a couple of week delay in production should be shipping very soon
        there is this one which i have owned but it cooked during extended use in the hot aussie summer...old model tho.aparantly they have a large heatsink now.. .and these guys too have some nice open frame options.... .make sure you check out there other listings too.they have 7' 8' 8.9' and 10.1 and above some are tablet panals so they are nice and bright around 400+nit.
        Me i want bright and clear but capacative multi touch so the chalk elect tablet frame model is for me.


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          I like how it says explosion proof monitor lol and watter proof too as mine died in sandy storm last year ))
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