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2012 Honda Pilot -- Main Monitor Location Suggestions

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  • 2012 Honda Pilot -- Main Monitor Location Suggestions

    Hey All -

    Several years ago, I did a full install into my 2001 Honda Prelude. The bug has really bitten me and I want to put a CarPC into my 2012 Honda Pilot. I really miss the functionality. I have been weighing the pros and cons of a full installation (modifying the dash) and do not want to take that leap yet. I will be running the audio for the CarPC through the stock aux input and utilizing the stock head unit on the Pilot.

    The dilemma I am running into right now is coming up with a solid mounting solution for the monitor in the front center. I currently use an iPad mount in the center console and am thinking I can use that open real estate for a monitor installation.

    Here is a picture of the dash setup (non-Nav):

    I was thinking some sort of 3M foam tape mount on the opposite side of the shifter (between the 12v electrical cover and air vent) or an arm coming from the middle storage compartment (to the immediate right of the shifter).

    Thanks for looking and your suggestions!
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    It looks like there is a good spot above the radio. I can't tell if that slot between the radio and the screen does anything, but you can build a custom holder out of acrylic, ABS, or PVC plastic sheet that would fit in there and hold a 7" tablet without messing up the dash. Just build a mock out of cardboard layers tacked with white glued, and when you get the fit you want you have the template for cutting plastic.

    I would take the radio out and use the whole space up to the screen shade.