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Looking for an enclosure....Motorized

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  • Looking for an enclosure....Motorized

    Alright, so I have a question.

    I am wondering if this even exists, but I am looking for a din/doubledin motorized bare enclosure. Basically I want to be able to install my own Motherboard and screen but in a motorized universal indash enclosure. Din, Din and a half, double DIN. I was thinking I saw something like this one here a few years ago, but now that I might actually have someone who can help with my build, I decided to try and come up with a product.

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    the only one that was used on this site was piece of junk that is no longer used. I cant even remember the name of it. The MK700 enclosure, or something like that! lol Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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